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Our Team
  • Daniel Bailey (MrBailey)
    Daniel Bailey (MrBailey)
    Mr Bailey is a concept and footwear designer/developer, having worked with clientele from around the globe.
  • Omar Bailey
    Omar Bailey
    Designer & Sourcing Agent
    Omar Stanley Bailey is a Design Entrepreneur who works with corporations, small businesses, and individuals by listening to their needs and ideas and creating design solutions.
  • Luke Deering
    Luke Deering
    Branding Agent
    Luke brings a strong background in both the startup and the corporate culture having spent time with industry giant, Estée Lauder and creating the mentoring platform known as, Vineup.com.
  • Stefanos Karakasis
    Stefanos Karakasis
    Online Marketing & Branding
  • Andrew Zheng
    Andrew Zheng
  • Tommy Sacks
    Tommy Sacks
    Trend Anyalist/Lead Innovation