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Understanding your target audience and market is an integral part of the design process. We will build a ubiquitous rundown of innovative media that showcases the direction of the product (pictures, videos, etc…) as well as researching the market for similar products or even direct competitors. 

Trend Analysis
Staying up to date and fresh on the latest trends is essential, as it can help your product reach and be accepted by your target consumer. Being in the fashion industry, we constantly stay up to date with the latest styles, while also looking forward to what will be hot for next season. 

From initial sketching to renderings, we start the process by creating a series of concepts. Experimenting with different forms, shapes and really brainstorming different ideas, while keeping the client informed throughout the process. This helps the client direct the product before more finalised versions of the design are created.


In this stage we create all the packets of information the factory needs to develop the designs for sampling (Measurement, material, branding, etc…). These include;

  • Upper Design – Tech Package
  • Midsole Design – Tech Package 
Here we create a tangible sample from our tech packs and turn the design into reality. This part of the process is just as key as the initial design as the correct silhouette, width, materials and general feel of the shoe have to be developed. We pride ourselves in being able to develop our design to the highest possible standards. 

  • Commercialization
    During this phase we ready the shoe to enter the market, putting it through a variety of tests to make sure it’s of the highest quality and ready to be sold.